All you need is Bunny Snuggles!

Pokemon? What's that all about? 

In case you didn't follow us in 2022

In 2022 my kids declared that every bunny born in our barn would have a food themed name. Well they also declared that 2023 is the year of Pokemon. Thank goodness! The year of food was very tough as we got to the end of the year. 

So stay tuned for many more Pokemon related photos! 

Bunny Snuggles? Did you know that Rabbits are actually fantastic snugglers. Not only do they enjoy the love and attention but it is also very healing for the snugglee. Yes I am totally making up words now. To learn about the health benefits of owning a rabbit 

History in the making.

Where it all Began

Growing up I always had a small animal companion. I had a rabbit for several year (Red eye white) named Claudia. Having her taught me a lot. Later on in high school I took up breeding chinchillas. I was amazed by the genetics and how to mix 2 colors to get to a new color. I was hooked.

After high school life sped up like it usually does. Small animal companions became things of the past. I joined the military and soon met my husband. As a family we quickly added cats and dogs like most households. As the years went by and our children started to grow up it was time to add some tiny friends back to the mix. We decided to get a bunny and her name is Shmee. I know such an odd name but that's what came up with. She is a beautiful Black Silver Marten Netherland Dwarf.

We quickly realized how nice it was to have a rabbit around. At this time we were raising quail at a decent quail (100+ birds and hatching 100 babies every 4 days). We decided that rather than raising quail we would try out rabbits.

One rabbit quickly led to another! We currently have 28 holes in our rabbitry with room to grow. If you haven't seen the bunny palace I highly recommend you stop by. By no means is it perfect, but it is perfect for us!

We fully believe in happy, healthy rabbits. In order to achieve this we do playtime on a regular basis. Our girls get along great so they get to run around the palace for exercise. The boys get their chance but its at one at a time. We never wanted our bunnies to be stuffed in a cage and that's all they know.

We find it absolutely amazing to watch some of our new bunnies come out for the first time. They are timid, not sure really how to get around. They tend to walk verse hop. However, they quickly catch up and you can see an immediate change. It's like watching your kid crawl or walk for the first time.

We want happy, healthy mamas! If you think about humans the doctors always recommend exercise to help with labor pains and we fully agree. Both myself and my husband are nurses and we bring a lot of those skills into our rabbitry.


Today, Carolina Netherland Dwarf is not only a hobby but therapy. I am a disabled veteran, and these rabbits are my life.

Everyday our rabbits are checked on thoroughly and are given playtime. My girls look forward to the exercise. My boys cant wait to get out but they must come out one at a time.

We hope you love our Bunny Palace as much as we do! We are located in Newton Grove, NC. At this time we are still welcoming buyers to our barn. We want you to see the condition in which they grew.


My husband and I have 3 children; 11, 9, and 7. My oldest 2 both own a holland lop (there choice) and are even planning on breeding them. Im glad my children love the rabbits as much as we do.

This will be a great learning experience for them, especially as we head into shows

Show Rabbits

We breed entirely with the goal of making show rabbits. The goal for show rabbits is to better the breed. This includes structure the body temperaments, and health.

These aren't meat rabbits and never will be. Nor, are they cheap rabbits that will be thrown away.

Our rabbits are treated like gold, and we love watching them grow and mature. All our babies are handled regularly to ensure friendly personalities.

We look forward to attending shows and hopefully creating something worth a grand champion.

We are proud to offer Show Quality Netherland Dwarfs. We are members of ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) as well as ANDRC (American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club). We attend shows regularly to continue to grow and better our lines.